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Stevenage Writers, formed in 2013, is a small but friendly writing group that meets every Wednesday from 5.30pm at the Dun Cow pub, 32 Letchmore Road, Stevenage, SG1 3PR. Thanks to the wonderful management at the Dun Cow, we have a lovely meeting room in the Snug, complete with wi-fi and an open fire!

Writing is about more than just putting words on paper, Stevenage Writers is about more than just writing. As a group of mutually supportive adults, writers, readers and enthusiasts we work together to help each other develop through regular meetings, discussion and events.

Publishing / Printing / Presenting Members Work
This is a significant function of SW. Current projects include:
· The Annual
· The Pocket Reads Series
· The Manuscript Group
These projects serve to develop the members skills as much as to generate good quality publications for raising awareness of members literary potential. Working to the limitations of specific media and within templates, as well as learning proofing and editing skills are all equally important and the projects are planned with this in mind. We are on a voyage of discovery and education where every member can take a share of navigation, pilotage and literary ‘seamanship’!

At the present time some members have Kindle and CreateSpace accounts and publish their work either in e-book form or by low cost ‘print-on-demand’. SW intends to develop its own impress in time in both media forms.
‘Real’ book printing, proper bound and ordered in quantity, has so far been catered for by working with a friendly local printer and negotiating ‘special rates’.

Media Presence
A Blogsite, a Facebook Page and a Gmail address all exist. A website proper has been proposed but requires interested parties to develop it.

1st Wednesday of the month:
Social Meeting - What is everyone reading / writing at the moment? Table discussions informal topics.
2nd Wednesday of the month:
Lecture - Selected by the group, members contribute a talk on a particular topic.
3rd Wednesday of the month:
Publishing Group - Meetings dedicated to getting work ‘in print’ and out to the public. Liaise with outside groups to develop relationships.
4th Wednesday of the month:
Discuss any upcoming Projects / Events / Workshops / Social Meeting.
5th Wednesday of the Month if applicable:
Lecture / Social

Committee Meetings
Separate to the Wednesday meetings, not held at the Dun Cow, to discuss anything vital to the running of the group at regular intervals.

Writers Day
Special Event held outside of the Dun Cow, not on a Wednesday evening. A day where writers get together and write.

Write Night
1st Tuesday of every month at The Dun Cow. Social elements but primarily designed to help members produce work through novella challenge and monthly exercises.

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