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Grants are available to any member organisation of the Guild for activities that take place within the Borough of Stevenage and are open to all residents. The funding streams are detailed below. To apply the application forms, which can be downloaded from the links at the bottom of this page, should be completed and returned to the Secretary at the address shown on the form.

A Guarantee against loss
This can be provided only for events taking place within the Borough of Stevenage. Application should be made at least 2 months before the event will take place. The usual limit of guarantees against loss is £500 per event and £ 750 for events held in the Gordon Craig Theatre, although organisations may present arguments for unusual circumstances to request an increase in this figure. Organisations will be notified if their application is rejected. Following the event a claim should be made using the form provided not more than 90 days after the event.

B Advance funding to support an event
There may be occasions when an organisation needs money ‘upfront’ to enable an event (within the Borough) to take place. Applications may be made as far in advance as necessary and normally not less than 2 months before the event. The grant will be paid at the date requested but this should not be before it needs to be paid it out. For example an organisation might wish to ensure 9 months in advance that funding will be available but not need to make any payments until the day of the event.

C Special funding
Application may be made to help with special needs of organisations where the resources of the organisation are insufficient to meet a major capital expenditure for example the purchase of a musical instrument or a PA system. Such expenditure should be for the long-term benefit of the organisation as a whole rather than for individual members, for example the Guild committee will not consider applications for purchase of performance clothing. The organisation will be expected to make some contribution from its own funds but the Guild will consider applications that include interest free loans to be paid back over an agreed period.

D Emergency funding
While it is expected that member organisations will manage their affairs efficiently and operate to a planned budget it is recognised that there may be occasions when unforeseen losses occur. Should such losses jeopardise the future operation of the organisation the Guild will consider providing financial support in retrospect. The committee of the organisation concerned would need to meet with officers of the Guild and put in place agreed plans to prevent a recurrence.


Download application forms

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